Durst Judit előadása az ESA Economic Sociology Midterm Conference: Crossing Boundaries c. konferencián 2018. szeptember 13-án

I. Anthropology and Economic Sociology: shared methodologies and epistemologies
Session Organizers: Andreas Streinzer (Vienna) and Martin Fotta (Frankfurt)
'Panel organised in cooperation with the Anthropology of Economy Network of the European Association of Social Anthropologists'
Contemporary economic sociology and economic anthropology considerably overlap. A clear boundary cannot easily be established according to regional, thematic or methodological difference. Both disciplines work on Western and Non-Western settings, employ similar theoretical approaches, and consider ethnography as methodology. Yet, the image of clearly separated disciplines still serves
as a powerful justification for (re)drawing boundaries– from specific canons to separate researchfunding streams. The panel aims to investigate these cross-disciplinary discussions and fertilizations by critically takes stock of ‘the ethnographic’ in anthropology, sociology, and related disciplines seeking to understand the economy. This focus is particularly relevant since participant observation,
immersive methodologies, and ethnographic fieldwork as complementary methods is increasingly used in all social sciences.

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